Museum LEGO Exhibit

January 20th, 2008

Today I experienced some of the most impressive LEGO brick creations I’ve ever seen.  My kids, Dad, and I made a visit to the Fox Cities Children’s Museum in Appleton, Wisconsin. In addition to a wonderful set of permanent attractions which my kids throughly enjoyed, was a special exhibit by Nathan Sawaya called The Art of the Brick.

I had been on Nathan’s Website, so I was already familiar with his work.  However, the website images don’t begin to do justice to his amazing creations.  Seeing this collection of sculptures and mosaics in person is somthing any true LEGO fan should not pass up given the opportunity.  This exhibit is traveling to many locations throughout the country spending 2-3 months at each location.  It is only in Appleton for 2 more weeks, so if you live in Wisconsin, your window of opportunity is closing quickly.

Below is a picture I took of my favorite piece, titled Reflection.


I was very impressed with how Nathan captured the ever changing contour of the human forms.  His exhibit featured many human bodies and large hands.  Below are three human form sculptures titled simply Yellow, Red, and Blue.


Overall, his selection of subject matter is intuging an imaginative.  Nathan has captured emotion and feeling in his work.  My dad commented that his work was real art, which I completely agree.  I’ve been to LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California and visited several other large LEGO displays (like the one in the Mall of America), but this work is in a league of its own.

One very large, unexpected item was a LEGO dinosaur skeloton.  I didn’t see any pictures of it on Nathan’s website, and it was easily the largest sculpture on display at almost 20 feet long!


As I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend visiting this exhibit if you have an opportunity to do so! It pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible with LEGO bricks and has me excited to begin a new project again as soon as I can.

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