Luke Skywalker LEGO Sculpture

January 24th, 2008

Over the past few years I’ve built a bunch of 10X scale LEGO brick sculptures. Scaling up LEGO Bricks is great introduction to brick sculpting. In fact, I used it as an introduction to brick sculpting for my kids. I will do a future article showing off some of the bricks and more complex LEGO elements (like fences, and specialty bricks) I’ve built as part of a series on getting started with brick sculpting.

After scaling-up progressively more complex specialty bricks I arrived at, perhaps, the most complex and diverse LEGO element of all – the minifig. Through the years LEGO has introduced hundreds of different minifig designs, including unique types for each theme of sets being sold.

Lately, Star Wars themed LEGO Sets have become very popular and there many mini-fig styles to be found in these sets. I decided to push my LEGO element sculpting to the next level and build a 10X scale minifig. Below is my 10X version of Luke Skywalker with a Light Saber.

Luke Sculpture

On Luke’s head is the small version of the mini-fig, with a US quarter included to help with relative scale. Luke stands 18 inches tall to the top of his hair and is 11 inches wide. He weighs about 6 pounds.

It’s worth noting that, like the small mini-fig, Luke’s head is removable, as are his hair and light saber. His feet are the proper scale size and spacing to fit on 10X scale bricks. He can also hold any 10X scaled LEGO elements in his hands.

Below is a close up of Luke’s head which provides a better view of Luke’s little version too.

Luke Head

Not long after completing Luke, my 8 year old son had a friend over to our house that is a huge Star Wars enthusiast. I shared this project with him and he immediately noticed that Luke was holding a red light saber. He asked why I built him holding Darth Vader’s light saber instead of his own. Turns out I just liked the way the transparent red bricks looked and didn’t know enough about Star Wars to realize the significance of light saber color. Maybe in the future I can build a Darth Vader sculpture to trade light sabers with Luke.

Below is one additional close up picture of the small minifig I used for inspiration.

Little Luke

10X LEGO Minifig Sculpture Plans

Full Collection of 10X LEGO Minifig Sculptures

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5 Responses

  1. John Hood Says:

    Excellent! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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  4. john Says:

    hey great sculpture you have thank for showing how to build him!!!! I like to build star wars sculptures and Have a stormtrooper and the jango fett. NOw if I can vader sculpture instructions that be great. Did you have a program to build them before the actual build?

  5. sweMezza Says:

    Nice sculptures and thank you for sharing the plans! Now I’ll give a shot myself.


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