DUPLO Towers

January 31st, 2008

LEGO building has been a huge hobby of mine for over 25 years, so naturally I was eager to share this pastime with my children. I got my start with LEGO bricks around my 9th birthday, so as a child I was never too interested in DUPLO Bricks, which are the larger version of LEGO bricks for young children.

However, being anxious to introduce LEGO building to my kids, I loaded up on DUPLO bricks when they were toddlers so I could begin building with them at a young age.  My older kids are now 8, 9, and 10 years old now, so our DUPLO bricks have been put away for several years – until recently.  My youngest daughter is now 18 months, which means the time has arrived to dust off the DUPLO bricks and start building with them again.

DUPLO Six Story House

A few weeks ago I did just that, and since then we’ve been building almost daily. She loves them and can easily attach them together, often building brick stacks of 10 or more bricks. Pictured above is a six-story house we built together. (OK, so I did most of the work!)

I’ve also found that our older kids enjoy building with DUPLO bricks. This is, no doubt, in part to the fact that we have a lot of them, which means we can build large things! Plus, since DUPLO bricks are so much bigger than normal LEGO bricks, large things can be built very quickly (perfect for shorter attention spans).

Below is a picture of a tower we built that is exactly 8 feet tall.  (This was as tall as we could build indoors since we have 8 foot ceilings!)

DUPLO Eight Foot Tower

There aren’t many activities that our older kids enjoy doing with our 18 month old, but happily building with DUPLO bricks is one of them. Here’s one more picture of my three older kids breaking the tower shown above, which highlights one more fun thing about DUPLO bricks. They come disconnected easily which makes implosions a lot of fun.

DUPLO Eight Foot Tower Down

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew Becraft Says:

    The world does indeed need more DUPLO creations. 🙂

  2. dadswithduplo Says:

    Ha! I knew there were more dublo builders out there! Nice!

    Feel free to post some of your duplo-stuff right here:



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