Space Minifig LEGO Sculpture

February 4th, 2008

Last week I wrote about my Luke Skywalker LEGO Sculpture, here is a second installment of what will certainly become a regular topic, another 10X Scale LEGO Minifig sculpture. This time I’ve built a sculpture of a classic space minifig designed to match those from around 1980 when I first got Hooked on LEGO bricks.

LEGO Space Minifig Full

This sculpture shares the same head and body design as Luke Skywalker. However, I did have to build a helmet and air tanks, as well as make some brick color changes to the torso and face to match the small figure. I’ve also included a lot of pictures to highlight the modular design of the sculpture. It’s worth noting that the helmet, head, airtanks, arms and hands are easily removable. (I didn’t press the helmet, head or torso to each other.)

Something I didn’t mention previously, is that LEGO introduced a minifig sculpture set several years ago in a 12X scale. These were bigger than the one’s I’ve built, which are 10X scale. I have also elected to make minimal use of plates in my minifig sculptures, while the LEGO minifig set makes use of plates extensively. (Plates are flat building elements that are 1/3 the height of normal bricks and allow for more detail.) I made this decision because I felt at the larger size I could get enough detail without the added cost and complexity of using plates.

Enjoy the pictures and look for many more articles on other minifig sculpture designs in the future.

LEGO Space Minifig Legs

LEGO Space Minifig Torso

Full Body
LEGO Space Minifig Body

LEGO Space Minifig Head

Head Bottom
LEGO Space Minifig Head Bottom

LEGO Space Minifig Helmet

Helmet Bottom
LEGO Space Minifig Helmet Bottom

Air Tanks
LEGO Space Minifig Air Tanks

Arms and Hands
LEGO Space Minifig Arms Hands

Full Body No Helmet
LEGO Space Minifig Without Helmet

Small Minifig
LEGO Space Minifig Small

Small Minifig Parts
LEGO Space Minifig Small Parts

10X LEGO Minifig Sculpture Plans

Full Collection of 10X LEGO Minifig Sculptures

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