LEGO Mosaic Danny Mathew

February 9th, 2008

I wanted to build a cartoon character LEGO Mosaic. I usually try to pick subjects that I haven’t seen done before in brick, or at least not done in a similar scale or style to what I have in mind. In this case, I offered for my step-son Mathew to pick the character and also offered to picture him with it.

Mathew really likes Danny Phantom from Nickelodeon and selected him as his first choice. After a quick scan of the web it was clear that no one had posted any brick mosaics of Danny Phantom before, so I was happy with his choice also.

Here is the finished product, which is 30 x 37.5 inches (2 x 2.5 X-Large Gray Baseplates).


The first task in building this mosaic, was finding good source images to use for both Danny and Mathew. The image of Danny that I settled on was one from the back of a Pop-Tarts box. For Mathew, I took several digital pictures of him facing directly forward and picked out one. Both of my original source images are shown below.

danny_6.JPG  danny_5.JPG

I drew several simple line drawings from each of these pictures to practice getting the curves the right shape. Some of them can be seen near the mosaic as my work progressed. Shown below is Danny’s face completed, but without his hair.


Danny turned out to be a great subject because all of the basic colors needed to create him were available in LEGO bricks. The lime green that I used for his eyes are somewhat rare, but I didn’t need too much of that color. I did end up using all of my tan bricks for Danny and Mathew’s skin. I even had to use some plates with other colors underneath to finish this project without having to buy additional tan bricks. Here is Danny completed.


Next I built Mathew, which took a lot of tinkering. Since I wasn’t building him very large, and I wasn’t using any dithering (all the dots of mixed color) it wasn’t easy to capture something that was overly recognizable as Mathew. However, I finally decided that because I was building him as a cartoon character photo realistic quality wasn’t going to be possible or probably even desirable.

Here are Danny and Mathew complete, with only the background to finish.


I picked yellow as the background. Over time, I had acquired a ton of the yellow 2×2 bricks with the eye printed on the side. I wasn’t sure what I would ever do with so many of these bricks, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to use them for something constructive. Because the printing is on the sides, it is hidden. It turns out I had almost enough to complete the background, and only had to use a few non-eye bricks.

And so now, Danny and Mathew have been frozen together in brick. The completed mosaic is hanging in Mathew’s bedroom.

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