Starbucks LEGO Mosaic Plans

February 14th, 2008

I have received several requests to post plans for the Starbucks Coffee Mosaic I wrote about several weeks ago. I’ve decided to do just that, so here are the plans I created as a guide. (Click logo for Larger Version)


I’m also including some additional information that might be helpful to anyone trying to recreate this mosaic.

The size of the mosaic is 4 X-Large Gray Baseplates (96 studs square).

I used a variety of different sized bricks to create this mosaic. In general, I used the largest bricks I could to minimize the amount of work and cost. (I didn’t plan this out as part of the design.) I also used large bricks where I could to span base plates to hold them together.

I decided to cut the base plates to eliminate any material outside the outer green circle. They cut pretty easily with a good scissors. You could also leave the base plates whole, and fill in this area with bricks or even leave it blank and let the light grey surface show.

Finally, to mount the mosaic I used LEGO technic plates with holes in them. In several locations on top edge I made a sandwich of three plates with the technic plate on the bottom overlapping the base plate enough to expose one hole above the mosaic for mounting. The top plate of the sandwich is the proper color for the logo, while the technic plate and middle plate are hidden underneath, so their color is not important.

I’ve seen a couple other mounting techniques including: (1) Gluing the base plates to wood and mounting the wood to the wall; (2) Drilling holes through the front of the base plates with bricks removed temporarily to attach screws. (Bricks are then put over the openings to conceal the mounting screws.)

One request I received was someone who wanted to stitch a Starbucks logo in needle point, which made me realize that these plans would allow it to be created in many different mediums.

After I completed this project, my kids asked if we could hang it outside and sell coffee (like a lemonade stand). It’s an interesting idea – considering my Starbucks habit we would have at least one regular customer.

Starbucks Logo is Copyright Starbucks Corporation. Original brick design Copyright 2008 – All rights for plans on this website are reserved. Feel free to build these models for your own personal use. However, any reposting or selling of plans or models built from them is prohibited.

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  1. Dave Says:

    If anyone makes a Starbucks Logo (in any medium) using these plans, please send me a picture and I will post it on the website.


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