LEGO Mosaic Mathew Abby

February 16th, 2008

My first large photo realistic mosaic was of my two oldest kids LEGO Mosaic Maddie Howie.  So, the subject for my second one was any easy choice, my other two children Mathew and Abby.


This mosaic is the same size as the other photo realistic one I made, 4 X-Large Gray Baseplates wide by 3 tall (45 inches by 30 inches).  However, for this project, I used a different construction technique.  Instead of building each base plate individually and then hanging all of the completed plates, I built the entire mosaic on the wall.  I hung 12 emtpy base plates, held together by plates to bridge the gaps. I then added bricks until the project was complete.

This turned out to be a somewhat slower technique, but more fun because our family got to see the picture form little by little over several weeks.  I often spent time working on the mosaic after the kids were in bed, and each morning they would wake up and check the progress.

Shown below is my souce image.


With this projected completed, there is one thing that I wish I had done differently.  Abby is wearing a white shirt, which makes her look like a face without a body in the mosaic.  However, I really like the hat we put on her, which adds some extra interest. Getting a source image and design you’re completely happy with is important since the time investment during construction is so high that starting over becomes unthinkable pretty early in the process.

Here is one additional close up picture of Mathew’s face.  I’ve included a thumbnail sized image first, since it shows how the mosaic looks from a distance, with the colors blending to form flesh color.



I have a lot of information to share on my learnings building these photo realistic mosaics, both on the design aspects, as well as the mechanical building portion.  Look for an article detailing all of this soon.

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