LEGO 3X Sculptures

February 19th, 2008

As a change of pace from the 10X scale projects I’ve been working on lately, I decided to play around with 3X up-scaling of LEGO bricks and models.  To get started, I did some simple bricks and plates shown below.


One of the interesting aspects of the 3x bricks above is that since they are topped with tiles, including round 2×2 tiles for the bumps, no regular-sized bumps are visible.  This makes these scaled-up bricks appear (especially in photographs) to actually be giant bricks.

Once I built a few more basic bricks and tiles, I wanted to build a simple model in 3x scale. I built a small motorcycle similar to one from a 1980 set I got as a child.  The model was pretty simple to scale up. The only area that took some tinkering was the wheels, especially the fork.  Shown below are pictures of the completed motorcycle with the small scale inpiration.


One more view which highlights the wheel design.  I attached the tops of the wheels to the underside of the motorcycle using headlight bricks.  Unfortunately the wheels do not turn!


I would like to eventually build a much larger model in 3X scale.  However, the round tiles (and tiles in general) are not parts that I have in abundance, so I probably will need to get lucky and find some at a LEGO store pick-a-brick, or buy them from Bricklink.

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