Large LEGO Spheres

February 29th, 2008

Eventually every serious LEGO builder constructs a sphere.  Some, like me, build many spheres of various sizes.  Shown below are two 10 inch diameter spheres.  The multi-colored one was built using a design created with a Photoshop filter called Flexify. It is described in detail by Philippe Hurbain on his website. The red open sphere is the same size, and a design I created to answer the common questions I get when I show people a LEGO sphere:  Is it solid or hollow?  -or-  What does it look like inside?


More detail on the multi-colored sphere is available on Phillipe’s website, so I will focus on my red sphere.


Shown above in more detail, you can see that this sphere is basically three red rings with three intersecting cross bars.  The rings make up the portion of the sphere that curves in two planes, with the cross bars providing stability for the sphere.  The outer surface of the open sphere is just a subset of the outer surface of the multi-colored sphere.


Here is one additional picture at a slightly different angle to better expose the inner cross bars.  In general LEGO brick sculptures are hollow with minimal inner bracing and support.  It saves weight, time, and bricks (money), which means more bricks left over for other projects!

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