LEGO Minifig Torso Plans

March 31st, 2008

Here are the plans for the Torso of the 10X Scale Minifig Sculptures.

These plans will allow you to build a solid colored torso. To build another torso design the color and sizes of many of the bricks will need to be different. I am not generating full plans for other torso designs, but here are the Torso Designs. Using these plans and the designs together you should be able to recreate any of the minifig torsos seen on this website without too much effort.


Step-by-Step Building Instructions… READ FULL ARTICLE »

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LEGO SNOT Building Tips

March 27th, 2008

Many of the LEGO building projects I’ve written about over the past several months include the use of SNOT.  For those of you not familiar with the term, SNOT is an acronym for Studs-Not-On-Top, which is a common building technique in LEGO brick sculpting.

In the simplest form of brick sculpting, the studs on all bricks face the same direction (usually up).  However, at times it is desirable to face bricks in multiple directions.  Fortunately, LEGO has provided many different building elements to accomplish this.  In addition, LEGO geometry also allows elements to fill brick voids left in one direction, with bricks facing another direction, with some careful planning.


I used SNOT building technique above to create a 10X Minifig Sunglasses Face design.  Detailed construction pictures follow with more information and additional examples of SNOT. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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10X LEGO Skateboarder

March 25th, 2008

Here’s yet another addition to my 10X LEGO Minifig collection. This time I’ve built a skateboarder, including the LEGO skateboard.


Here are several additional pictures of the skateboard and minifig showing more detail. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Spongebob LEGO Pants

March 18th, 2008

Over the past few years LEGO has released several Spongebob Square Pants sets.  There is even one of a large robotic Spongebob that is ‘controlled’ by Plankton.  Like a lot of newer sets, it gets most of its detail from stickers and large pieces, rather than a large number of more basic elements.  It is part of an overall trend that I’ve also see many of the City themed sets follow.  After seeing the LEGO version of a big Spongebob, I decided to do a similar-sized sculpture of my own.  


A couple more pictures follow, including the Spongebob picture I used for inspiration for this model. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Sharing LEGO With Kids

March 13th, 2008

cwcm.gifAs an adult fan of LEGO, I’ve been pretty successful in getting my own kids interested in building with my favorite toys.  Not just building sets using the directions they come with, but using creativity to build things no one else has ever built before.  I’ve decided I want to share this hobby with other kids whenever I get a chance, and today my first opportunity came along to do just that, and you can help too!

The Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum is having Discovery Days workshops this June and I will lead a class to help kids create their own small mosaics. Each participant will have a chance to fill a 10 inch base plate with bricks and special elements to create a unique design all their own, that they will get to keep.  I will provide templates of letters in different sizes and many small pictures designs to use as a starting point for the creative process.

I will personally donate bricks for this class, but if anyone else can help out with bricks or base plates they will go to a wonderful cause.  If you are interested in donating, please email me and I will provide my mailing address.  I will post pictures of the event here, so you’ll have a chance to see what your donated bricks become. Any extra items I receive I will save for future opportunities similar to this one.  As an example, I will also be doing a creative building activity with the Cub Scouts at a nearby elementary school.

Also, you’ve probably noticed there are quite a few advertising links found on this website.  100% of money earned from these advertisements will be used to fund workshops and classes like the one above for children.  So if you can’t help out with a donation of bricks, you can still help by using one of these advertising links to make a purchase.  Thank you!

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LEGO Checkers Set

March 13th, 2008

While working on another project a few days ago, I had the stud bumps removed from several of my 10X Scale LEGO Bricks.  I was using the bricks for temporary supports and the bumps were in the way.  After removing the bumps, I noticed they appeared to be the perfect size to use as checkers for the improved LEGO Chess Board I had just completed.  I put them on the board, and they looked great, so I built a set.


A few more detailed pictures follow.


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Female Minifig LEGO Sculptures

March 11th, 2008

Previously, all of the 10X LEGO Minifig sculptures I’ve posted about have been men. In fact, more than one person has referred to my minifig sculptures as ‘LEGO Men’. Today I am introducing a couple of ladies into the mix.


As always I’ve positioned the normal-sized figures on the sculptures for comparison, this time on their wrists. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Small LEGO US Flag Plans

March 10th, 2008

Here are building plans for an easy studs-up US Flag LEGO mosaic.  Most builders will have all of the parts required to build one of these on-hand in their box of spare bricks.  Quick to build, even younger kids will be able to complete them with ease.  As a simple display of patriotism I have one sitting on my desk as a decoration.

Step-By-Step Building Instructions… READ FULL ARTICLE »

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New LEGO Chess Board

March 9th, 2008

In January I posted an article about a Small LEGO Chess Set I had built. Originally I constructed a board using an X-Large Grey Base Plate and covered it with eight 2×2 tiles and a center 2×2 plate for each square. I was never really happy with this flimsy board, so I’ve taken the time to build a much better board shown below.


I took additional pictures during construction which are shown below. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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10X LEGO Motorcycle Sculpture

March 3rd, 2008

In the past I’ve posted several articles on 10X minifigs and brick sculptures. Today I’ve taken my 10X brick sculpting to the next level and I am sharing a small model built to 10X scale. This post features the same circa 1980s motorcycle previously featured in 3X size, but now in 10X size.


There are several other models shown above including the normal sized and 3X versions of the motorcycle, and a new 10X rider minifig. Normal sized versions of both 10X sculptures sit atop their giant counterparts. Many more pictures follow. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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