10X LEGO Motorcycle Sculpture

March 3rd, 2008

In the past I’ve posted several articles on 10X minifigs and brick sculptures. Today I’ve taken my 10X brick sculpting to the next level and I am sharing a small model built to 10X scale. This post features the same circa 1980s motorcycle previously featured in 3X size, but now in 10X size.


There are several other models shown above including the normal sized and 3X versions of the motorcycle, and a new 10X rider minifig. Normal sized versions of both 10X sculptures sit atop their giant counterparts. Many more pictures follow.


Above is the 10X motorcycle in more detail. Notice the original sized bike on the seat and the 3X version on the bottom of the frame.


Above is an even closer view highlighting the wheel design, which is my favorite part of this model. Notice I built two different antenna styles. The white and blue round cylinders are the way the model is specified by LEGO. However, I like the look of the thin grey antenna better personally.


Above is a more detailed image of the minifig rider with his helmet on.


Above is a closeup, this time with the helmet visor raised.


One last picutre, this time with the helmet off.

10X LEGO Minifig Sculpture Plans

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