LEGO Minifig Torso Designs

April 2nd, 2008

Here are the torso designs for all of the 10X minifig sculptures I’ve built so far, plus a few new ones. Use the LEGO Minifig Torso Plans as a starting point, then adjust the brick sizes and colors as needed to produce the desired arrangement of the torso (as viewed from the front). As much as possible, always stagger the seams in the bricks from row to row.

I’m including 13 designs as well as a blank template which can be used to generate custom designs.

I use Microsoft Paint with the ‘Zoom’ set to ‘Large Size’ when working on torso designs. Use the ‘Fill With Color’ tool to fill in the boxes, which each represent a 1×1 brick area viewed from the side.


Link to Fire Fighter Sculpture using above design

See full article for 12 other designs and blank torso template.


Link to Nurse Sculpture using above design


Link to Classic Space Sculpture using above design


Link to Luke Skywalker Sculpture using above design


Link to Female Sculputure using above design


Link to Male Sculpture using above design


Link to Skateboarder Sculpture using above design


Police Design (I haven’t built a sculpture using this design)


Link to Motorcycle Sculpture using this design


Doctor design (I haven’t built a sculpture using this design)


Bibs design (I haven’t built a sculpture using this design)


Link to Male Sculpture using above design


Link to Male Sculpture using above design


Blank template – use to generate custom designs

One thing I have not done very often in my LEGO minifig sculptures is used plates. In the few instances where I have, the designs here don’t show them because the template grid is sized for bricks not plates. However, because plates are one third the height of bricks they offer more accurately detailed designs. This can be taken even further by using LEGO SNOT Techniques like I did on the sunglasses minifig face design.

10X LEGO Minifig Sculpture Plans

Full Collection of 10X LEGO Minifig Sculptures

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