Diver Minifig LEGO Sculpture

April 13th, 2008

I’ve built yet another 10X minifig sculpture to add to my collection. Here it is a diver minifig, complete with air tanks, fins, and an underwater light. (End of Full Article includes links to collection of all 10X minifig sculptures and some instructions.)


Within full article I’ve included several additional pictures.


Above is a close-up of the fins, which unfortunately, don’t photograph too well because they are black. They are two plates thick, except for the ridges down the edges and center, which are one brick thicker.


Above is the flashlight (or gun if you prefer to imagine it as such). It is made up of the LEGO tapper element and a 1×1 round plate.


Above is another angle of the flashlight. Notice the handle is 5 plates thick (one full brick plus one plate underneath and a tile on top). This is to match the hand opening size so the flashlight fits snugly. (SNOT Conversion factor of two studs wide equals 5 plates on edge.)


Above is a picture of the head with hat.


Here’s another picture of the full minifig. This one is at a bit more of a profile. I didn’t include a close-up of the air tanks for this model because of how poorly black bricks photograph. The design is the same as the Space Minifig Sculpture, which has a good picture of air tanks in blue bricks.


Finally, above is a close-up picture of the normal sized minifig, for comparison.

10X LEGO Minifig Sculpture Plans

Full Collection of 10X LEGO Minifig Sculptures

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