LEGO Cat Birdhouse

April 16th, 2008

Last week I posted my first attempt at building a LEGO Birdhouse, which was a scaled-up version of a tiny (minifig-sized) birdhouse.  This week I’ve built another birdhouse.  This one is of a cat head, with the mouth of the cat as the opening for the birds.  I’m also entering this one in the contest (see birdhouse post linked above for more about the contest).


See full article for more pictures and details about this project.


Shown above is the back of the birdhouse, which is easily removable.  The inside floor of the house is covered with red tiles for a smooth surface.


Above is the birdhouse with the back in place.


Here is one final picture with Simon posing next to the birdhouse.

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4 Responses

  1. The Pet Blog » Blog Archive » LEGO birdhouse Says:

    […] sure he doesn’t, he’s way too creative for that. Dave e-mailed me to show me his LEGO cat birdhouse […]

  2. Dave Says:

    I’m happy to announce that my LEGO Birdhouse took second place in the contest!

    Here is a link to the BrickShelf Folder with all the winning entries.

  3. Jayne - Cat Bird House Says:

    My son loves playing with Legos all day long, but he’s not come up with something that creative. He’d be afraid I would put it outside for the birds.

    Great job, and congratulations on 2nd place.

  4. Hiss | The Unemployed Mom Says:

    […] I wish I could take credit for this awesome lego cat birdhouse, but the photo belongs to Brick Player. Share and […]


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