Little LEGO Bird

April 19th, 2008

Earlier this week I posted an article about a LEGO Cat Birdhouse I built.  Although I designed it with features to make it (somewhat) practical as a real birdhouse, I really never intended to put it outside and let the elements destroy good LEGO bricks.  This made me a little sad because the birdhouse would never really have any birds as visitors.  Unless… I built a LEGO bird for it!


More pictures and project details below…

When I start a project, I usually do a search to see what similar things other builders have already done.  I do this for ideas and inspiration, but sometimes if someone has already done a great job with what I have in mind I move on to other project ideas.

In this case, I found that many people had built excellent small bird models, so I combined ideas from several of these and added a few of my own and came up with this little blue bird.


Above he is shown on the perch in front of the birdhouse door (the cat’s tongue).


Here’s the little bird collecting plate bricks for her nest.  I didn’t have enough of these plates to build a complete nest now, but I will probably order some eventually and make a nest also.

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