BrickPlayer Logo Sculpture

April 21st, 2008

After I designed the BrickPlayer logo for this website, I realized right away it would make a great sculpture and planned to eventually build it from bricks.  This weekend I built it, and here it is…


I considered replacing the Microsoft Paint generated logo I’m currently using on this website, but so far I’ve been unable to size and clean-up the photographs well enough to be satisfied.

More pictures and details below…


This sculpture is made up of five scaled-up 10x 1×4 bricks which are not pressed together.  They are shown above stacked together in a pile.  I chose 10x scale for two reasons.  First, it’s a scale I’ve already done extensive work with, so I’m familiar with the geometry of this scale.  Second, it was a size that allowed me to form the letters with reasonable accuracy.


I decided to build the lettering one brick outward in relief, which can be seen from the picture above.  The original BrickPlayer logo (on the website header), shows the logo directly from the front, so I could argue that it is also of the same design, but the viewing angle is masking this attribute.  One unique element of logo is the tail of the ‘P’ in Player, which drops below the brick.

At 120 studs long (over 3 feet), this is easily the longest sculpture I’ve built, although its much smaller than the largest mosaic I’ve ever built.

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