Giant Engraved LEGO Brick

April 22nd, 2008

After completing my article yesterday about the BrickPlayer Logo Sculpture, I started to think about why I elected to construct the lettering on the bricks sticking out, rather than flush or recessed.  Why I didn’t pick flush is easy.  It’s boring and I was trying to spice up an otherwise simple project.  However, I was starting to second guess my decision to build outward instead of inward.  After all, I had seen real engraved LEGO bricks for sale on BrickLink, and also more recently by LEGO themselves.

So, I decided to build at least one brick recessed, as if engraved, and see how I liked it compared to my work from the day before.  Shown below is a 10x 1×4 brick with recessed lettering (in red) along with the brick from the logo (in blue).


See full article for additional pictures and details…


Above is another picture taken at more of an angle.  The shadows inside the lettering are an aspect of the recessed lettering that I like.


Above is a picture of the bottom of the brick to show off the inside detail.  The lettering is one brick recessed, and one brick thick, so the inside wall of the sculpture is smooth and works with the other 10x bricks without any interference.


Above is a picture which I took using the flash.  I took the other pictures without a flash because of how it causes the white lettering to be very bright, mostly eliminating the shadows.

Overall, the engraved look is interesting, but not so much that I am going to rebuild the rest of my BrickPlayer logo bricks in this manner.  I still like my original idea a little better for the logo.

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  1. Finn Says:

    I think it kind of looks neat the way one is recessed and the other sticks out. It looks like they could snap together to form a larger brick.


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