LEGO Birdhouse Contest Entry

April 7th, 2008

After hearning about the LEGO Birdhouse Contest being held by Thorz BrikTopia, one of my minifigs headed straight for the basement and got to work on his contest entry.  Before long, his work was done and his simple, but functional birdhouse was complete.


Since this minifig wasn’t technically one of my children or a member of BrickLink, he was very sad to hear that he didn’t qualify for this contest.  However, I agreed to build a 20x scale version of his creation, which would be allowed and would be reasonably sized for the human world.

Here are a couple pictures of my scaled up version of minifigs birdhouse design. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Skier Minifig LEGO Sculpture

April 4th, 2008

Finally, after one of the longest winters I can remember here in Wisconsin, it’s starting to feel like spring. So, you might be wondering what I’m thinking featuring this 10X LEGO minifig skier!


I thought about trying to get a couple pictures of her outside, but what little snow is left is not very photogenic. It’s mostly just the piles that have melted down so much that they are as much dirt as snow. So the typical pictures on the grey carpet will have to do.

Full article has a few additional pictures including a close up of the skis. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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LEGO Minifig Torso Designs

April 2nd, 2008

Here are the torso designs for all of the 10X minifig sculptures I’ve built so far, plus a few new ones. Use the LEGO Minifig Torso Plans as a starting point, then adjust the brick sizes and colors as needed to produce the desired arrangement of the torso (as viewed from the front). As much as possible, always stagger the seams in the bricks from row to row.

I’m including 13 designs as well as a blank template which can be used to generate custom designs.

I use Microsoft Paint with the ‘Zoom’ set to ‘Large Size’ when working on torso designs. Use the ‘Fill With Color’ tool to fill in the boxes, which each represent a 1×1 brick area viewed from the side.


Link to Fire Fighter Sculpture using above design

See full article for 12 other designs and blank torso template. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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