Smaller LEGO Chess Set

May 4th, 2008

Although I’ve done several Chess related LEGO projects, I’m really just an occasional, casual chess player.  (How could I have time for another serious hobby?)  So far I’ve posted about a couple of Giant LEGO Chess Pieces, a Small LEGO Chess Set, and New LEGO Chess Board for the small set.  Today I’m sharing an even smaller set I just completed.  So far I’ve only built one of each piece, since I don’t have enough of the specialized elements needed for a full set.


More pictures and information…

This set is designed to fit comfortably on a board with 4×4 squares, which is the same size as the chess boards in the LEGO chess sets.  (My last small chess set was sized for 6×6 squares.)  A couple days ago, I ordered a bunch of these chess boards on BrickLink to use as mosaic backing, which is what gave me the idea to build a custom set this scale.


Above is a more detailed shot of the pieces.  Like my last set, my favorite piece is the knight.


Above is a picture of the knight shown with one from my larger set for comparison.  The smaller scale definitely made it more challenging to match the shape of the pieces accurately.

Once I have built an entire set in this scale I will post an update with more pictures.

[Updated: 07/22/2008 – Smaller LEGO Chess Set Complete]

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  1. dumont Says:

    nice but what do you think of my Lego Chess Knight?

    I like that it’s ideal size compared to a mini-figure for my Lego movie idea.


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