Cub Scout LEGO Mosaic

May 6th, 2008

Tomorrow evening I will be leading my son’s Cub Scout den in a LEGO mosaic building activity.  This project will meet one of the requirements for the Artist merit badge – and it provides me an opportunity to try out what I’m planning for the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum workshop next month.  Here is a mosaic I made to use as a sample.


Each boy will be given a blank base plate 24 studs square (one quarter of an extra large base plate) to fill up with bricks.  The base plates cut easily with a good scissors.  I’m hoping this is a good size for 45-60 minutes of building time.

I will encourage them to create anything they want and offer some suggestions (e.g. collage, geometric or abstract designs, one large picture, letters, numbers, etc.)  I can’t wait to see what they create!

See below for details on the meaning of my collage mosaic and for pictures of the mosaics the kids made

Here’s what I put on my collage mosaic:

  • Elmo (my daughter Abby loves him)
  • Pacman (all my kids and I like to play video games)
  • Cat (we have three of them)
  • Football (my boys and I love to watch and play)
  • Fish (we enjoy fishing in the summer time)
  • Piano Keys (my daughter Maddie plays)
  • Binary Digits (I am a software engineer)
  • Dave (my name) with a shark tooth in place of the V (we love to beach comb for them at Fernandina Beach, Florida)
  • Soccer ball (my son Mathew plays)
  • Red heart (symbol of my love for my wife and kids)

[Updated 05/13/08:  Here are the excellent mosaics the kids did!]












The kids had fun building and did a great job. I’m anxious to do this again next month with a larger group at the museum.

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3 Responses

  1. wally Says:

    Glad you have kids. when i saw your blog at first I was like God please I hope this guy had kids and not another whack job like me LOL. Have great cub scout day!! got my bob vote.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Love the elmo, my little boys would love this one.

  3. Crystal Says:

    I love it! We sure did have a lot of fun at Cub Scouts. Nice photos by the way.


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