Pengo LEGO Mosaic

May 14th, 2008

After building the Dig Dug LEGO Mosaic a few days ago, I visited a couple retro-gaming websites and reminisced about the coin-op video games I played as a kid.  In doing so, I stumbled on another childhood favorite of mine, Pengo!  In general, this game was a less popular, but still one I loved.  I realized it would make a fun little mosaic, so I built one.


I’ll probably build a few more of these before I get bored with retro-game mosaics.  There are at least another 5 games from this early 80’s era that always seemed to get my quarters, and they all have the same blocky 8-bit graphics that are so easily adaptable to brick mosaic form.

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5 Responses

  1. Rotheblog Says:

    Pretty cool Pengo Mosaic. What are the actual physical dimensions?

    Do you sell these? Or do you just make them for fun?

  2. Dave Says:

    The Pengo and Dig Dug mosaics are both 10 inches square. I am planning to setup a store on BrickLink to sell custom LEGO creations soon.

    Until then, if you are interested in buying something feel free to email me

  3. Arcade Gameroom Decorations | Rotheblog - Arcade Game Blog Says:

    […] named Dave who runs a website called BrickPlayer. He wanted to show me some of his wall mountable arcade character art made out of flat legos, in this instance a mosaic of Pengo and a Sno-Bee with some Ice Blocks. Pretty simple idea, I […]

  4. Erik Says:

    You amaze me. I don’t know where you get the patience!

  5. brian Says:

    that is so awesome that it almost hurts.


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