LEGO Pen and Pencil Holders

June 8th, 2008

You might be a LEGO fanatic if you build practical household items out of LEGO. Just in case I needed any more evidence as to the degree of my LEGO addiction, here are a couple of LEGO Pen and Pencil Holders I’ve built.


These are simple projects to do with kids, and for some reason remind me of the wood and metal shop projects I proudly brought home in junior high school. I think my parents still have the letter holder I made in wood shop when I was 15 years old in their kitchen.

The leftmost item above is a 1×1 LEGO 10x Brick, which is the same dimensions as other two items. See below for more pictures and details.


Above is a picture of the pen and pencil holder with a single LEGO pen. The sides are constructed of all 1×2 bricks, the bottom is a 10×10 stud base which is 3 plates thick. The top edge has two rows of plates and is capped with tiles giving it the smooth edge.


Inside the bottom is also covered with tiles for a smooth surface.


Here is the other holder, which is the same dimensions. For this item I built my nickname (Dave) around the outside using the raised lettering technique from the BrickPlayer Logo Sculpture. It can be a pen and pencil holder without the cover, or a small storage container with the cover in place.


Here is the other side showing the ‘V’ and ‘E’. Like the other pen and pencil holder the inside bottom is covered with tiles for a smooth surface. With the cover in place the red portion of the box matches the outer dimensions of the 1×1 scaled-up brick exactly.

I guess now I just need to build a LEGO letter holder to go with my pen and pencil holders.

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  1. Dave Says:

    LEGO Trivia Question – The LEGO pen pictured above was not bought separately, but came included with another LEGO item. What was the item it was purchased with?


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