LEGO Minifig Complete Plans

July 2nd, 2008

Here are full plans to build the basic 10X Scale Minifig Sculpture pictured below.


Step-by-Step Building Instructions For Entire Model…

I’ve been gradually posting instructions for each part of the minifig sculpture as I’ve completed them. It took me about 15 hours total to generate complete instructions. If you use these instructions to build your own minifig sculpture, please send me a picture.

First, here is a picture of the virtual minifig sculpture from below.

Parts List (Entire Model – 1167 pieces)

Original design Copyright 2008 – All rights for plans on this website are reserved. Feel free to build these models for your own personal use. However, any reposting or selling of plans or models built from them is prohibited.

10X LEGO Minifig Sculpture Plans

Full Collection of 10X LEGO Minifig Sculptures

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