Smaller LEGO Chess Set Complete

July 22nd, 2008

Back in May I started on a Smaller LEGO Chess Set sized for 4×4 squares, which is the size of the official LEGO chess set boards.  Finally, today, I have completed a full set of red and yellow pieces.  Here it is, on one of the official boards mentioned above.


More pictures and information…

It took me several orders from BrickLink to acquire all of the specialty parts needed to build this set. Most of my LEGO creations are done using standard bricks, so I didn’t have a lot of these parts on hand. Luckily, with BrickLink it is possible to get almost any LEGO element in bulk quantities.

I also made a minor change to the top of the queen, adding a layer of 1×1 round plates, which I think is a nice improvement.

Here is a picture of the red side.


Like my other Small LEGO Chess Set, I think this set is also very playable, which I’ve always thought of as an important attribute of a chess set.

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