LEGO Love Sign Sculpture

August 29th, 2008

If you knows sign language, hopefully you will recognize the following LEGO sculpture, which is the sign for ‘I Love You’.


More pictures and information…

This sculpture took me about 6 hours to build and is roughly 1:2 scale of my hand, which I used as a guide to built it. Shown below is the back side with a soda can for comparison.


I found this sculpture to be very challenging. There are so many different curves and contours to consider and the two folded fingers were also tricky. There was more rebuilding during this project than most.

Here are a couple more pictures highlighting the folded fingers from different angles.



Although it is hollow, I estimate this LEGO sculpture contains about 1000 pieces, and weighs about 4 pounds.


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  1. Nicks Golf Palace Says:

    My wife’s mother used to interpret ASL. I think she will like this. Very cool.

  2. mich Says:



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