Halloween LEGO Sculptures

October 6th, 2008

Here is a set of five small, Halloween-themed sculptures. These models contain mostly common bricks, are easy to build, and I think make cute holiday decorations. There is a Ghost, Witch, Pumpkin, Bat, and Skull.


I created these sculptures for a LEGO building workshop on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at the Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum. I did a LEGO Discovery Days Workshop in June, and the museum asked me back for another project. There are 16 kids signed up to build and I’m looking forward to this event.

Building Instructions and Part Lists…

Here is a larger image of each sculpture with both individual parts lists and a combined parts list.  Step-by-step instructions are not included (or needed) to build these models.  The only non-obvious construction detail is the inside of the bat body, and for this model I have included one additional image to expose this.

Pumpkin LEGO Sculpture

Pumpkin LEGO Sculpture Parts List

Ghost LEGO Sculpture

Ghost LEGO Sculpture Parts List

Skull LEGO Sculpture

Skull LEGO Sculpture Parts List

Witch LEGO Sculpture

Witch LEGO Sculpture Parts List

Bat LEGO Sculpture

Bat LEGO Sculpture Inside Detail
Bat LEGO Sculpture Parts List

Combined Parts List

Original design Copyright 2008 – All rights for plans on this website are reserved. Feel free to build these models for your own personal use. However, any reposting or selling of plans or models built from them is prohibited.

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2 Responses

  1. rob Says:

    awesome! no candy corn?

  2. KC Says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. This will make a great activity for a Halloween Party. It beats frosting cookies or cupcakes. My boys thank you as well!


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