LEGO Minifig Display Stands

October 24th, 2008

Although I don’t really collect LEGO Minifigs, I have a few favorites that I’ve acquired over the years. I also have many minifigs that are part of sets I own. Until now, I haven’t had a nice way to display my minifigs, so most of them have been in zipper storage bags. However, that has just changed because today I built several stands to display them (out of LEGO bricks of course)!


More pictures and information on how to build…

The key part of these stands is the factory-glued 10 inch square base plates that are sold as chess boards. I’ve managed to find quite a few interesting uses for these unloved parts, which is good since I still have over 30 of them. I’ve been using them as mosaic backing for studs-up mosaics, and I also modified them for use as a LEGO Picture Frame for a Children’s Museum activity.

For this project, I cut the base plate in half and them cut one half into 4 strips. One chess board is enough to build a stand with one strip of baseplate left over. For more information on how I cut these check out my LEGO Picture Frame. I also posted an earlier article on Cutting LEGO Base Plates.

Here is a picture of the stand without minifigs.


The strips of cut base plate are just resting in the brick channel and can be removed without taking apart any bricks.

Here is a picture of the stand with the base plate strips removed. This diagram should show enough detail to allow anyone interested to reproduce a stand.


After building the larger stand, which can hold 32 minifigs I decided to also build a smaller one with a capacity of 9 minifigs. Here is a picture of the smaller stand, which also gave me a project to use the cut out centers from the LEGO Picture Frame base plates.


Smaller Stand without minifigs.


Smaller Stand with strips removed to expose construction detail.


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