BrickLink LEGO Shop Open

May 17th, 2008

I’m happy to announce my online BrickLink LEGO Shop is open for business!


I have some LEGO bricks and other elements listed for sale and will be adding much more. If you’re not familiar with BrickLink, it is an online market place with hundreds of LEGO shops selling bricks, sets, and other LEGO related items like apparel and books.

BrickLink is my main source of bricks for the projects I build, and is the cheapest way to get specific parts, often available in massive quantities. Some sellers have millions of bricks in inventory.

As a seller, I will be using BrickLink to help fund my LEGO buying habbit by selling parts I don’t need. I will also use it to sell custom sets based on the projects featured here on

If there is something you’re looking for and you don’t see it in my store please email me. If I have what you’re looking for (either parts or custom LEGO sets) I will add it to my store and will let you know when it is available for purchase.

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BrickPlayer 100 Days Old

May 1st, 2008

In the past week BrickPlayer surpassed 100 days online!  It’s been fun, and I’ve learned a lot.  So far I’ve resisted the tempation to write posts about running a website, because I want this blog to be about LEGO building.  However, for today I’m making an exception and I will write about being a new webmaster, so if this non-Brick stuff interests you, then read on… READ FULL ARTICLE »

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Sharing LEGO With Kids

March 13th, 2008

cwcm.gifAs an adult fan of LEGO, I’ve been pretty successful in getting my own kids interested in building with my favorite toys.  Not just building sets using the directions they come with, but using creativity to build things no one else has ever built before.  I’ve decided I want to share this hobby with other kids whenever I get a chance, and today my first opportunity came along to do just that, and you can help too!

The Central Wisconsin Children’s Museum is having Discovery Days workshops this June and I will lead a class to help kids create their own small mosaics. Each participant will have a chance to fill a 10 inch base plate with bricks and special elements to create a unique design all their own, that they will get to keep.  I will provide templates of letters in different sizes and many small pictures designs to use as a starting point for the creative process.

I will personally donate bricks for this class, but if anyone else can help out with bricks or base plates they will go to a wonderful cause.  If you are interested in donating, please email me and I will provide my mailing address.  I will post pictures of the event here, so you’ll have a chance to see what your donated bricks become. Any extra items I receive I will save for future opportunities similar to this one.  As an example, I will also be doing a creative building activity with the Cub Scouts at a nearby elementary school.

Also, you’ve probably noticed there are quite a few advertising links found on this website.  100% of money earned from these advertisements will be used to fund workshops and classes like the one above for children.  So if you can’t help out with a donation of bricks, you can still help by using one of these advertising links to make a purchase.  Thank you!

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January 18th, 2008

Welcome to the new BrickPlayer website!  My goal in creating is to share information about: LEGO building projects, building tips/tricks, LEGO product/company news, and whatever other LEGO related topics come to mind.

I am also planning to eventually use BrickPlayer to sell LEGO brand bricks and custom sets/projects.

Thanks for visiting.  Please feel free to post any comments or suggestions.

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