Fulfill Your Ninja Dreams: Unveiling the Top Destinations to Immerse Yourself in the Epic LEGO Ninjago Movie!


Welcome, LEGO enthusiasts! Today, we embark on an exciting journey to discover the best places to watch the thrilling LEGO Ninjago Movie. As a subject-matter expert and avid LEGO fan, I have scoured the internet and compiled a comprehensive list of where you can catch this action-packed film. So sit back, relax, and let’s delve into the world of Ninjago!

Theatrical Release

The LEGO Ninjago Movie was originally released in theaters on September 22, 2017. The film features an impressive ensemble cast, including the voices of Jackie Chan, Dave Franco, Michael Peña, Kumail Nanjiani, and many others. It follows the story of a group of young ninja warriors as they battle the evil warlord Garmadon.

If you are a fan of the big screen experience and enjoy the immersive feeling of a darkened theater, you had the opportunity to catch this epic adventure at cinemas worldwide during its initial release. However, as time has passed, the movie is no longer widely available in theaters.

Theatrical Release Information

Theatrical Release Date Region Theater Chains
September 22, 2017 Global Various

Home Media Options

If you missed the chance to watch the LEGO Ninjago Movie in theaters, don’t worry! There are several home media options available for you to enjoy this thrilling adventure from the comfort of your own home.

3.1 DVD and Blu-Ray Release

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is available on DVD and Blu-ray, allowing you to own a physical copy of the film. These formats provide high-quality video and audio, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. Additionally, you can enjoy bonus features such as deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, and commentary tracks, which offer valuable insights into the making of the film.

Check your local retailers or online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, or Best Buy for purchasing options. Be sure to choose the edition that suits your preferences, whether it’s the standard DVD or Blu-ray release, or a special collector’s edition.

DVD and Blu-Ray Release Information

Release Date Format Bonus Features
December 19, 2017 DVD Deleted Scenes, Featurettes
December 19, 2017 Blu-ray Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, Animated Shorts

3.2 Digital Streaming

If you prefer the convenience of streaming content, you can also watch the LEGO Ninjago Movie on various digital platforms. Services like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, and Netflix (availability may vary based on region) allow you to rent or purchase the movie digitally.

Digital streaming offers instant access to the film, without the need to wait for physical delivery. You can stream the movie on your favorite devices, such as smart TVs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, whenever and wherever you want.

Digital Streaming Platforms

Platform Rental Price (HD) Purchase Price (HD)
Amazon Prime Video $3.99 $14.99
Google Play $3.99 $14.99
iTunes $3.99 $14.99
Vudu $3.99 $14.99
Netflix N/A Included with Subscription

Cable and Satellite TV

For those who prefer traditional television viewing, you may be pleased to learn that the LEGO Ninjago Movie occasionally airs on cable and satellite TV channels. Networks like Cartoon Network, HBO, and others may feature the film in their programming lineup.

You can consult your local TV listings or use an online TV guide to check if the LEGO Ninjago Movie is scheduled to be broadcasted on any channels. Keep in mind that the availability and frequency of screenings may vary, so it’s best to stay updated with the latest programming information.


In summary, the LEGO Ninjago Movie offers multiple options for you to watch this thrilling adventure. Whether you prefer the cinematic experience, owning a physical copy, or the convenience of digital streaming, there is a solution to fit your preferences.

Be sure to check your local retailers for DVD and Blu-ray options, or explore the digital platforms mentioned above to rent or purchase the movie. Additionally, keep an eye on cable and satellite TV listings for possible airings of the LEGO Ninjago Movie on various channels.

Enjoy the action-packed journey of these ninja warriors as they take on the evil Garmadon in the captivating LEGO Ninjago Movie!






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