LEGO Jurassic World: Unleashing Prehistoric Adventure Brick by Brick!


Welcome to, your go-to source for all things LEGO! Today, we are diving into the world of LEGO Jurassic World. LEGO Jurassic World sets allow fans of both LEGO and the Jurassic Park franchise to bring their favorite dinosaur-filled adventures to life. In this article, we will explore the sets, characters, and key features of LEGO Jurassic World, providing you with an in-depth look at this exciting theme. So, let’s embark on a prehistoric journey filled with bricks and dinosaurs!

LEGO Jurassic World Sets

LEGO Jurassic World offers a wide range of sets that capture the essence of the iconic movie franchise. From recreating the majestic attractions of Jurassic Park to reimagining the thrilling adventures of Jurassic World, these sets allow fans to step into the world of dinosaurs and test their building skills. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout sets in the LEGO Jurassic World lineup:

Set Number Set Name Key Features
75936 Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage
  • Brick-built Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Iconic Jurassic Park gate
  • John Hammond minifigure
  • Fun dinosaur-themed play features
75935 Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt
  • Boat and truck vehicles
  • Baryonyx dinosaur figure
  • Minifigures: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, and Vic Hoskins
  • Hidden treasure element
75919 Indominus rex Breakout
  • Indominus rex dinosaur figure
  • High-security Jurassic World compound
  • Zach Mitchell, Dr. Wu, and ACU Trooper minifigures
  • Play functions like breaking glass and launching darts

These sets are just a taste of what LEGO Jurassic World has to offer. Each set is meticulously designed with attention to detail, allowing fans to create their own Jurassic adventures right at home.

Iconic Characters

LEGO Jurassic World brings the beloved characters from the movies to lifelike minifigures. Let’s meet some of the key characters you can find in these sets:

Character Name Description
Owen Grady A skilled Velociraptor trainer and expert in the field of dinosaurs. His character is played by Chris Pratt in the movies.
Claire Dearing The former Operations Manager of Jurassic World who takes on a leadership role in the face of dinosaur mayhem. Portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard in the films.
Dr. Henry Wu A brilliant geneticist responsible for creating the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park universe. He is played by B.D. Wong in the movies.
John Hammond The eccentric and visionary founder of Jurassic Park. In the LEGO sets, he is depicted as the enthusiastic park owner.

These characters not only add to the immersive experience of playing with LEGO Jurassic World sets but also allow fans to recreate their favorite movie scenes or imagine entirely new adventures within the thematic world.

Key Features and Playability

One of the standout features of LEGO Jurassic World sets is the attention to detail and the inclusion of unique play functions. Here are some key features and playability factors that make these sets truly captivating:

  • Dinosaur Figures: LEGO Jurassic World sets feature a variety of dinosaur figures, including the iconic T. rex and fan-favorites like the Velociraptor and Triceratops. These detailed figures can be posed and played with, adding a dynamic element to the play experience.
  • Interactive Buildings: Sets like the Indominus rex Breakout and the Jurassic Park gate include interactive elements such as breaking glass, launchers, and hidden compartments. These features allow for engaging storytelling and imaginative play.
  • Vehicle Play: Many sets come with vehicles like trucks, cars, or helicopters, giving young builders the opportunity to embark on exciting adventures and recreate thrilling chase scenes from the movies.
  • Modular Structures: Some sets feature modular structures that can be rearranged or combined with other sets to create custom landscapes and play areas. This flexibility encourages creativity and adds replay value to the sets.

With these features, LEGO Jurassic World sets not only provide hours of entertainment but also offer educational benefits, promoting fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and imaginative storytelling.


As a LEGO enthusiast and Jurassic Park fan, LEGO Jurassic World sets offer the perfect combination of building joy and dinosaur adventure. From recreating iconic movie moments to crafting unique stories, these sets provide endless possibilities for young builders and collectors. Whether you’re a fan of the classic Jurassic Park or the modern Jurassic World, there’s a LEGO set that will transport you to a world filled with brick-built dinosaurs. So grab your bricks, gather your characters, and embark on your very own LEGO Jurassic World adventure!






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