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Welcome back, Brick Players! Today, I am excited to share with you the fascinating world of LEGO typewriters. LEGOs have always been synonymous with creativity and innovation, and the LEGO typewriter is no exception. This unique set allows builders of all ages to create a fully functional typewriter out of LEGO bricks!

The LEGO typewriter set was inspired by the classic 1950s typewriter design and was designed in collaboration with Steve Guinness, a LEGO fan from the United Kingdom who created a brilliant LEGO typewriter model that gained immense popularity within the LEGO community. With this official LEGO set, fans can now bring the charm of vintage typewriters to life in a playful and nostalgic way.

Key Features of the LEGO Typewriter Set

The LEGO typewriter set (item number 21327) is a delightful addition to any LEGO collection. It is recommended for ages 18 and above due to the intricacy of the build. This set, released in July 2021, consists of 2,079 pieces and provides an enjoyable and challenging building experience for LEGO enthusiasts.

Here is a breakdown of the key features you can expect to find in this LEGO set:

Features Description
Classic Typewriter Design The LEGO typewriter set faithfully reproduces the iconic design of a classic typewriter, complete with a carriage that moves as you type and a center typebar that rises each time a key is pressed.
Functioning Keys One of the most exciting aspects of this set is the ability to press the keys, which in turn raises the central typebar. It offers a unique tactile experience.
Realistic Typing Sound Thanks to a clever mechanism, the LEGO typewriter produces a satisfying “click-clack” sound when typing, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the experience.
Authentic Details The set includes a center typebar with letters, numbers, symbols, and even intricate shaping to simulate the letters striking the typewriter ribbon.
Removable Paper Holder The paper holder is completely detachable, allowing you to insert a blank sheet of paper for an even more immersive experience.

With these incredible features, the LEGO typewriter set captures the essence of a classic typewriter while showcasing the endless possibilities of LEGO building.

Building Experience and Design

Building the LEGO typewriter is a joyous journey that combines nostalgia, creativity, and engineering skills. The set comes with a detailed instruction booklet featuring clear, step-by-step instructions to guide you through the assembly process.

The build is divided into several stages, ensuring that you maintain a steady pace and take delight in each step. You’ll start by constructing the typewriter’s base and carriage, gradually moving on to the intricate mechanisms responsible for the typewriter’s functioning keys. The attention to detail in each component is truly remarkable, and you’ll find yourself marveling at how the bricks come together to create a fully operational typewriter.

One of the highlights of this set is the unique mechanism that enables the keys to move realistically. As you press a key, the corresponding typebar rises, simulating the mechanical process of a vintage typewriter key in action. The precision engineering involved in this mechanism is a testament to the incredible design capabilities of LEGO.

It is worth mentioning that this set is not just an excellent display piece but also a functioning LEGO model. It is possible to type on the LEGO typewriter, albeit with a lighter touch than a traditional typewriter, thanks to the impressive construction.

Display and Playability

Once you’ve completed the build, the LEGO typewriter becomes a stunning centerpiece for any display. The attention to detail is truly exceptional, with the set capturing the elegance and charm of a classic typewriter. The brown color scheme, coupled with the authentic shaping of the keys and typebar, adds to the overall vintage aesthetic.

Despite being a display piece, the LEGO typewriter also offers a great deal of playability. You can interact with the functioning keys, watch the typebars rise and fall, and even insert a sheet of paper into the detachable paper holder. It is a set that invites both admiration and engagement, appealing to collectors and LEGO enthusiasts alike.


In summary, the LEGO typewriter is a remarkable set that combines the beauty of vintage typewriters with the versatility of LEGO bricks. From the satisfying “click-clack” sound to the realistic key movement, every aspect of this set has been thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of a classic typewriter.

Whether you’re an avid LEGO collector, a fan of vintage typewriters, or simply someone who appreciates creative design, the LEGO typewriter is a must-have addition to your collection. With its intricate build and unique playability, it offers a delightful and engaging experience that is sure to captivate LEGO enthusiasts of all ages.

So, go ahead and add this extraordinary set to your wish list! Get ready to embark on a journey of creativity, nostalgia, and endless possibilities as you build your own LEGO typewriter.






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