The Birth of Creativity: Unveiling the Legacy of the First LEGO Set

Exploring the First LEGO Set

Welcome, fellow brick enthusiasts, to another enthralling piece of LEGO history uncovered. Today, we dive into the inception of LEGO and explore the very first LEGO set ever produced. As one of the world’s leading experts on these beloved plastic bricks, I am thrilled to take you on a journey back to the origins of this iconic toy. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to discover the fascinating history behind LEGO’s humble beginnings!

Ole Kirk Christiansen’s Vision

Our story begins in the small Danish town of Billund in 1932 with a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen. In the midst of the Great Depression, Christiansen established a company named “LEGO,” derived from the Danish phrase “leg godt,” which means “play well.” Initially, he primarily produced wooden toys, ranging from pull-along ducks to wooden trucks.

However, it wasn’t until 1949 that LEGO introduced the Automatic Binding Brick, the precursor to the LEGO we know today. These original bricks were simple in design, made from cellulose acetate, and lacked the interlocking mechanism we’re familiar with. The potential for the interlocking system came to Ole Kirk’s son, Godtfred, while he was studying in England. Inspired by bricks produced by the British company Kiddicraft, Godtfred envisioned how this mechanism would revolutionize the toy industry.

The Advent of the LEGO System

Based on Godtfred’s visionary idea, LEGO began developing its own interlocking brick system in 1953. After countless trials and iterations, they presented the world with the first bona fide LEGO bricks in 1958. These modern bricks consisted of a cylindrical shape with hollow tubes on the underside, allowing for a seamless connection when pressed together.

Now that the basic building blocks were in place, it was time to unleash LEGO’s imagination-fueled potential with a dedicated LEGO set. In 1964, LEGO introduced the “LEGO Building Toy 1: Bricks,” commonly known as “Set 700/1.” This game-changing set laid the foundation for the expansive LEGO themes we cherish today and set the precedent for subsequent LEGO sets to come.

Set 700/1 – LEGO System Building Set

Set Number Name Released Pieces
700/1 LEGO System Building Set 1964 607

Included within this historic set were 607 bricks in various colors, allowing for endless building possibilities. The set also featured a detailed building guide, showcasing designs for cars, houses, and other structures. From the very beginning, LEGO encouraged builders to think outside the box and explore their creative potential.

The Impact of Set 700/1 and LEGO’s Continuing Legacy

The release of Set 700/1 marked a significant milestone for the LEGO company and the toy industry as a whole. With its wide array of bricks and building ideas, this all-inclusive set became an instant hit among children and adults alike. It stimulated creativity, fostered spatial awareness, and offered hours of entertainment.

Moreover, Set 700/1 set the stage for LEGO’s commitment to innovation and quality, which continues to define the brand to this day. From imaginative LEGO City sets to beloved licensed themes like LEGO Star Wars, every brick is a testament to the rich heritage established by Set 700/1 and its successors.

As we reflect on the significance of the first LEGO set, we marvel at the evolution that has taken place over the decades. Each new LEGO set pushes the boundaries of design, engineering, and play, capturing the hearts and minds of generations of builders worldwide.


What began as a small wooden toy workshop in Denmark evolved into an iconic and universally adored brand. LEGO’s first set, the “LEGO Building Toy 1: Bricks” (Set 700/1), marked a pivotal moment in the company’s history. It introduced the world to the limitless possibilities of LEGO building and set the stage for the imaginative and awe-inspiring creations we see today.

As we celebrate LEGO’s legacy, let us reflect on the humble beginnings of Set 700/1 and the impact it continues to have on the way we play, learn, and express our creativity. So go forth, my fellow builders, and honor the spirit of the first LEGO set as you embark on your own extraordinary building adventures!






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