The LEGO Movie 2: The Ultimate Guide – Release Date, What to Expect, and More!


Hello LEGO enthusiasts! In today’s blog post, we will be diving into the much-anticipated release of the LEGO Movie 2. As a subject-matter expert and avid LEGO fan, I am thrilled to share with you all the exciting details about the movie, its release date, and what we can expect from this highly anticipated sequel. So let’s jump right in and explore the world of bricks and creativity!

The LEGO Movie 2: Overview

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is the long-awaited sequel to the 2014 blockbuster, The LEGO Movie. The film is a computer-animated adventure comedy that continues the story of our beloved Master Builder, Emmet, and his friends as they face new challenges in the LEGO universe. Directed by Mike Mitchell and produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creators of the original film, we can expect an exciting blend of humor, action, and heartwarming moments to captivate audiences of all ages.

The LEGO Movie 2 brings back the star-studded voice cast we fell in love with in the first film, including Chris Pratt as Emmet Brickowski, Elizabeth Banks as Lucy/Wyldstyle, Will Arnett as Batman, and Tiffany Haddish as Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi. With such a talented ensemble, we can expect exceptional performances and well-crafted characters to add depth and hilarity to the story.

Release Date and Distribution

Now, let’s get to the most exciting part – the release date! The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part was released on February 8, 2019, in the United States. The film was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, the same studio behind the first LEGO Movie and other successful LEGO-themed movies like The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

Since its release, The LEGO Movie 2 has garnered much attention and positive reviews from both critics and audiences alike. Its witty humor, stunning animation, and well-crafted storyline have solidified its place as a worthy successor to the original film.

What to Expect

In The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, we follow Emmet and his friends as they face a new threat in the form of LEGO Duplo invaders from outer space. The once thriving and bustling Bricksburg is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and Emmet must summon his courage to save his friends and restore harmony in the LEGO universe.

This installment introduces new worlds such as the Systar System, a sparkly and song-filled realm ruled by the enigmatic Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi. Expect dazzling visuals and catchy tunes that will have you tapping your feet along with the characters.

Moreover, fans of the original film can look forward to a delightful blend of references to pop culture, clever brick-building humor, and unexpected twists that keep you engaged throughout the movie. LEGO enthusiasts will also enjoy spotting familiar characters and sets from various LEGO themes expertly integrated into the storyline, adding that extra touch of nostalgia and excitement.

The LEGO Movie 2 Merchandise

As with any highly anticipated film, The LEGO Movie 2 has an array of merchandise available for fans to enjoy. From LEGO sets featuring iconic movie scenes and vehicles to collectible minifigures, there is something for every builder and collector.

Here is a list of some notable LEGO sets inspired by The LEGO Movie 2:

LEGO Set Name Piece Count Price
Emmet and Lucy’s Escape Buggy 549 $49.99
Queen Watevra’s Build Whatever Box! 455 $39.99
Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy! 383 $29.99
Benny’s Space Squad 68 $9.99

These sets not only allow fans to recreate their favorite scenes but also encourage creativity and imaginative play, which are key aspects of the LEGO brand.


In conclusion, the release of The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is an exciting event for LEGO fans worldwide. With its captivating story, talented voice cast, and stunning animation, this sequel promises to live up to the high standards set by its predecessor.

If you haven’t already watched The LEGO Movie 2, I highly recommend it for a fun-filled experience that celebrates the endless possibilities of the LEGO universe. So grab your bricks, brace yourself for an adventure, and join Emmet and his friends in a journey full of laughs, heartwarming moments, and, of course, plenty of building!






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