The Magnificent Marvel of LEGO Ideas: Unleashing the Limitless Creativity of LEGO Fans


Welcome, fellow LEGO enthusiasts! Today, we are going to dive into the fascinating world of LEGO Ideas. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, prepare to be amazed. LEGO Ideas is a platform that allows LEGO fans from all walks of life to submit their own original designs for consideration as official LEGO sets. This program, formerly known as LEGO Cuusoo, provides an incredible opportunity for talented individuals to showcase their creativity and potentially see their designs come to life. In this article, we will explore the history, process, and the amazing sets that have emerged from LEGO Ideas.

The History of LEGO Ideas

The roots of LEGO Ideas can be traced back to the year 2008 when the LEGO Group partnered with the Japanese website Cuusoo to create a platform where fans could submit their own LEGO designs. Cuusoo, which means “imagination” in Japanese, hosted a variety of user-submitted ideas, not limited to LEGO. However, in 2011, the LEGO Group recognized the potential of this collaboration and officially rebranded the program as LEGO Cuusoo. This rebranding emphasized the LEGO-centric nature of the platform.

Over time, LEGO Cuusoo grew in popularity, and it became evident that LEGO fans were yearning for a space where they could bring their dream sets to life. In 2014, the program evolved once again and was relaunched under the name LEGO Ideas. The aim was to foster an even stronger sense of community involvement, where fans could vote for their favorite designs and, ultimately, influence the selection of sets that are released.

The LEGO Ideas Process

Now that we understand the history, let’s delve into the process behind LEGO Ideas. It all starts with an idea (pun intended). LEGO fans can submit their own unique designs on the LEGO Ideas website. The key requirement is that the design must be based on an intellectual property that the LEGO Group has not already released a set for. This helps to ensure that the designs offer fresh and innovative ideas to the LEGO community.

Once a design is submitted, it enters a special evaluation phase. During this phase, LEGO’s dedicated team of designers and product managers will carefully scrutinize the submission for its feasibility, market potential, and adherence to LEGO’s quality and safety standards. This ensures that only the very best ideas make it through to the next stage.

After the evaluation phase, the selected designs proceed to the voting stage. LEGO Ideas members can vote for their favorite designs, and if a submission reaches 10,000 votes within a specified time frame, it enters the final review process. Here, senior LEGO designers and marketing executives evaluate the feasibility of producing the set as a commercially viable product. Factors such as licensing rights, complexity, and compatibility with existing LEGO elements are all taken into consideration.

Finally, if a design successfully passes the final review, the creator is declared the winner and their set will be developed by LEGO’s expert designers and released as an official LEGO Ideas set. The original designer is also rewarded with a percentage of the set’s sales, ensuring that the LEGO community is recognized and rewarded for their amazing contributions.

Iconic LEGO Ideas Sets

LEGO Ideas has given rise to some truly iconic sets that have become fan favorites. Let’s explore a few of these remarkable creations:

Set Name Year Designer
Saturn V 2017 Robert Bontenbal
Ship in a Bottle 2018 Jacob Sadovich
Grand Piano 2020 Donny Chen
Central Perk 2019 Alessandro Biagi
Old Fishing Store 2017 Robert Bontenbal

The Saturn V set, released in 2017, is a fantastic representation of the iconic rocket that took humanity to the moon. It stands at an impressive 1 meter tall and features intricate details that make it a must-have for space enthusiasts and LEGO fans alike. This set perfectly captures the essence of the LEGO Ideas program by bringing one of history’s most significant engineering feats into the hands of LEGO builders.

The Ship in a Bottle set is another gem from the LEGO Ideas collection. This unique set combines the art of model ship-building with the playful nature of LEGOs. It features a meticulously crafted ship floating inside a transparent LEGO bottle. The attention to detail is astounding, and the set truly captures the imagination.

Other noteworthy sets include the Grand Piano, which allows builders to construct a playable miniature piano, and the Central Perk set, which brings the iconic coffee shop from the television show Friends to LEGO form. These sets exemplify the sheer diversity and creativity that LEGO Ideas unleashes.


LEGO Ideas represents an extraordinary platform where LEGO enthusiasts can turn their wildest dreams into reality. The process, from idea submission to official set release, showcases LEGO’s commitment to fostering creativity and engaging with its dedicated fan community. With iconic sets such as the Saturn V, Ship in a Bottle, and many more, LEGO Ideas has become a treasure trove for collectors and builders alike. So whether you aspire to become the next set designer or simply marvel at the ingenuity of others, LEGO Ideas is an awe-inspiring venture that continues to captivate the LEGO world.






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